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Priapism: ecstasy related?

DubinN N., Azad Hassan Abdul Razack
Urology. 2000; 56(6): 1057

Priapism, an uncommon urological emergency, is commonly drug-induced. We present a previously unreported case of a young man with priapism probably related to Ecstasy.

Intravesical explosion during transurethral resection of the prostate

Dublin Norman, Azad Hassan Abdul Razack, Loh Chit Sin
ANZ Journal of Surgery. 2001; 71(6): 384-385

Testicular adenocarcinoma of infancy

Dutt A. K., Kutty M. K.
The Medical journal of Malaya. 1969; 23(4): 298-299

Infantile fibrosarcoma of the penis in a 2-year-old boy

Fahisham Taib, Norsarwany Mohamad, Md Ashraf Md Daud, Aniza Hassan, Singh Mutum Samarendra, Ariffin Nasir.
Urology. 2012; 80(4): 931-933

Fibrosarcoma is rare in the pediatric age group. It generally involves the extremities and the trunk but rarely involves the genital area. We report a case of a large fungating infantile fibrosarcoma of the penis in a 2-year-old Malay boy. Partial recovery of the penile structure was achieved after chemotherapy. The difficulty in managing the social and surgical aspect of this case is discussed in our report. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case report of infantile fibrosarcoma involving the penis in an Asian region.

Recurrent epididymo-orchitis: A clinical presentation of posterior urethral valve in a child with down syndrome

Faizah Mohd Zaki, Noorakmal A., Syariz I. S., Dayang A. A., Tan H. L.
Medicine & Health. 2011; 6(1): 73-77

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